Sending Personalized Emails to B2B Prospects

Personalized emails involve the process of creating emails or messages that are meant to relate to a shared experience among different people who generally have no relation to each other. Think of a problem or process people experience on a common occurrence that causes a problem for them every time it is experienced, they go through this experience because they feel it is the only way to complete the experience or process. For some information on how to craft your emails and subject lines consider this article.

Personalized Emails 

The goal of personalized emails is to shine a light on problems the prospect may not know they have. The first step is to ask a question that makes the prospect think about how they are doing a process today and how they could do that process differently. You will need to show how this process is causing them some form of problem whether that problem is physical or mental. It is important to learn about the challenges your prospects face in the industry they work in. Ideally, each challenge they face can be its separate email. Your message will need to explain the ultimate outcome of the process or the solution. For more sales tips and training consider the content offered by Sales Hacker

The 4T’s 

To begin your email, you first start with a statement that is a truth about the persons’ situation. It is better to start with something universally true to people in the industry. The next step will be to offer a message that makes the prospect think differently about how they are doing their job today. The following step is third-party validation, which shows the prospect that there are other people or another company that is using a solution to achieve a better result. This should be facts-based, so the prospect can verify it for themselves. Remember your writing the email for all the people in similar situations not just a personalized email for just one person. For a full understanding of the 4T’s consider looking at this webinar hosted by Jason Braun from Sales Hacker.

Your Message 

The goal of the message is to generate enough interest in your message that the prospect can then be asked to attend a meeting with you. In the beginning, most people will not care what your product does, they care what your product can do for them that makes their work better. The goal of your message is to create curiosity in the mind of the prospect. If a prospect feels pressured by an email or phone call, they will tend to push away. You should be aware that prospects do not want to move faster than you want them to move. For example, your goal is to close a sale or a deal, however, that will not be the mindset of your prospects.

Prospecting also means being mindful of how you make people feel, so move at a pace that makes them feel comfortable but also allows you to progress your sales journey with them. You will want to show the contrast between the challenge or process they are currently experiencing and how your solution will do it differently. Try to learn about the jobs your targets are trying to get done or complete in their roles. For some additional information about crafting cold emails consider this article.

Your Focus

Personalized emails are messages that can relate to any reader in that industry. Do your homework on your target market and your buyer personas. The more you connect with their daily goals and challenges they face, the more likely they will want to interact and respond to your message. If you need help with your personalized emails you can connect with me here for a conversation.

Sending Personalized Emails to B2B Prospects