Quick Twitter Tips For Your B2B Business

Twitter-business-tips-In September 2014, IAB Canada released their annual Internet advertising report. It noted that digital advertising has overtaken TV advertising spend in Canada. The news did not come as a surprise and further reiterates the trend away from traditional towards digital marketing. Social selling is especially becoming an integral part of digital marketing strategies. In the forefront is Twitter which boasts a monthly average of 288 million users worldwide. Here at VA Partners we are highlighting important Twitter tips to jump start your campaign.

It takes discipline to publish great quality posts consistently

Content curation is a great way to provide value for your Twitter followers. The first step is to figure out what topics will be helpful to them. It is important to provide a diverse set of subjects. In our case we focus on four main themes: marketing, sales, startups and social media. Throughout the day, we ensure that we cover all these topics in the content we share.

Using a social media automation software has helped us tremendously in terms of productivity. Hootsuite allows us to schedule posts in advance and to monitor mentions and retweets from our Twitter community. This is especially useful for small companies that do not have a dedicated social media staff to closely monitor engagement. Learn more about Hootsuite here.

Not all hashtags are created equal

In order to reach your target B2B audience you must know the keywords they use to look for relevant topics on social media. Choosing the most popular hashtags are key to a successful Twitter campaign. Intuitively, you may have an idea which keywords best relate to your topic, however, it pays to take that extra step and check which keywords are trending. Evaluate which keywords are most likely to commonly used with Hashtags.org. The website provides analysis of the estimated number of times the specific keyword was used within a 24 hour period.

Don’t ignore metrics

Twitter Analytics is a great tool to evaluate how well each tweet is performing in terms of reach and engagement. Twitter recently rolled out a “home” tab which gives an overview of how well your Twitter account did for the previous month. It highlights useful data such as the top tweet, top mention, top follower, and total impressions. It quickly shows you which type of tweets get the most attention. To do more detailed analysis, exporting the Twitter report into Excel will provide you insights on which posts to focus on when planning your next Twitter campaign strategy. Learn more about Twitter Analytics here.

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Quick Twitter Tips For Your B2B Business