Staying Organized in Sales

Being organized in sales allows you to focus on your tasks so that you can be more efficient in your work. Today we will be exploring ways to stay more organized in your work. 

Organize Time Blocks into Your Schedule 

 Staying organized can start by creating blocks of time for your day which allows you to focus on specific tasks that will lead to the accomplishment of your work. When you use blocks of time as a guide, you can be flexible and adjust time as you need to based on last minute changes that occur. Your tasks should be scheduled in a way that adds structure to your workday. The more difficult part of this plan is adhering to your schedule. It’s one thing to have your day blocked off with the tasks you are looking to complete its another to commit to that schedule. Schedules are most important when you are working on a specific project which will likely have a set deadline for completion. For example a project might be related to larger work at your organization so its completion is important and could cause issues if not completed on time. There are a number of ways to track your calendar which can include an email calendar, writing down your tasks on a physical calendar or notebook. I actually use Gmail calendar and a notepad feature on my computer to manage my tasks. For information on staying organized consider this article

Keep Organized by Setting Measurable Goals 

An important way to determine if you are indeed organized is to evaluate if you are completing your tasks to the correct standards. These are often referred to as S.M.A.R.T goals which are goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely. For a Specific goal the next steps should be clear to further the conversation. A Measurable goal is one that you can track your progress through a number. Attainable goals are about looking at what you have done so far and adjusting your goals to be more realistic in reference to benchmarks. Relevant goals help allocate your time to activities that will help you accomplish your goal. Timely goals are when you set a specific time period you want to accomplish your goals within. For more information you should consider this article

Use a CRM System 

Creating schedules and blocking your time are important steps in staying organized however the most important thing you can use is a CRM system to store all your work with clients. As a sales person you may send out many emails to different prospects every day while also making calls to other prospects. No one would be able to remember conversations they had with every prospect. This is where a CRM could be used as a way of logging every interaction you have with prospects and also tracking your sales pipeline as it develops. Staying Organized can also mean reaching out to your prospects at times that may be at a further point in time when the prospect may be ready to hear your message. This is called lead nurturing, a CRM allows you to see your clients journey and track what stage they are at before you continue to engage with them consider this article for more information on lead nurturing. CRM systems are also a way to track specific information about contacts such as emails, calls made to prospects and more. At VA Partners we use Hubspot for our clients. Consider this article on choosing the best CRM for you. 

Remember the key of to staying organized is an important first step that can help you be more successful If you need help staying organized you can reach out to me.

Staying Organized in Sales