Marketing Training Resources

There are many free or nearly free marketing training resources available to entrepreneurs or people looking to expand their knowledge. I often say this is one of the best times to be an entrepreneur and one of the big reasons is access to personal development resources. Here are few of my favourite marketing training resources.


They have a number of free marketing training courses available. These course aren’t just related to their software. There are more general courses around social media, content, WordPress, and they have a digital marketing certificate.


They have many different courses available, with some marketing training being offered for free.One that caught my eye was around content marketing. There are often paid additional courses, with some leading to certifications.

Google analytics: 

Making good decision based on results is one of the keys to getting a better ROI from your marketing efforts. I firmly believe that your website should be your digital hub. Google analytics is essential and they have lots of great training available. Google also provides Google Adwords courses as well.


Many marketing companies have free general marketing content. Buffer, known for its social media tool, has many free marketing training courses available.

Peer2Peer Groups: 

There are many Peer2Peer group available that meet on a monthly or quarterly basis. I help organize the Sales and Marketing P2P at the Innovation Factory in Hamilton( We have marketing topics like using Google-my-business, social media,and marketing tools.If you would like some helpwith training ideas for your team please connect with me.

Marketing Training Resources