Top 10 Blogs on B2B Sales for 2014

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Part of our advocacy at VA Partners is to become a great resource not only for our clients, but for startups and other growing firms. Our extensive experience as a provider of part-time B2B sales and marketing services has allowed us to accumulate valuable knowledge on the best practices in the business. For our year-end review, we are counting down the top 10 viewed B2B sales blogs of 2014.

  1. Improving Sales Results When Selling a Commoditized Product or Service

    It is often difficult for B2B product and service providers to stand out against the competition. How do you communicate your unique selling proposition and avoid the pitfalls of a B2B commoditized product? Take these 7 tips into consideration for improving your B2B sales results.

  2. How to Get the Sales Team Using Your CRM

    A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is a very useful tool for organizations to organize and synchronize B2B sales, marketing and customer service. CRM has evolved from a complicated software on a central server to a user-friendly, cloud-based technology. However, the biggest challenge is often getting your sales team members to use the system.

  3. Tips For a Great B2B Sales Meeting

    When VA Partners Co-founder Mark Elliot teaches a Sales and Marketing class at the University of Toronto Continuing Education, he often notices that the sales topics are the biggest challenge for students. There are many nuances involved in successful selling especially when having a face-to-face meeting with a prospect. Setting up an appointment is hard enough, so you will want to make the most of it. Here are some tips for a successful initial B2B sales meeting.

  4. Tips for Selling a New Solution, Product or Service That is Not Your Core Business

    Diversifying is one of the keys to growing your business. It is often difficult and risky for startups or even established companies to venture into new markets. We have had numerous companies from a range of sectors, some decades old and others brand new, look to launch a series of products and services and in many cases, it is really like launching a new business every time. Here are a few tips when launching a new product, service or solution that is not your core business.

  5. 4 Communication Strategies for Startup Sales Teams

    Managing sales people often requires a different approach from how you would manage other team members. As a leader, you must keep them motivated and inspired to sell your products. In this video blog post, we discuss 4 ways to effectively communicate with your B2B sales team

  6. Employee Social Sharing is a Big Opportunity For B2B Sales

    Employees are a very valuable resource to promote your products and services. Organizations often forget that employees are the most credible brand ambassadors. This is extremely effective for professional services firms, but can also help different types of B2B focused organizations. Employees are in the front-line interacting and communicating with your customers, partners and potential clients. Here are a few tips to get your employees to endorse your company online.

  7. 9 Tips for Effectively Expanding Into New Markets

    Expansion into a new industry or geographical area can spell huge rewards for a company. This might sound easy on paper, but also involves serious risks. To be successful, careful planning, sound strategies and effective execution are imperative. Here are some tips to get your B2B sales started.

  8. MaRS: Chinese Market Opportunities for Ontario Startups

    China’s growing economic prowess has pulled thousands out of poverty and into the middle class. Over the years, the country has become a very attractive market for many companies in North America. MaRS recently hosted an event focusing on how Ontario startups are making their way into China. Find out our key take away from the Chinese Market Opportunities for Ontario Startups – MaRS Market Insights event.

  9. Sales and Marketing Tips For Canadian Industrial and Manufacturing Firms

    As the world becomes more and more digitally connected, digital marketing has become a major part of any business strategy. Gone are the days when sales people are the go-to experts who can walk customers through a selling process. Now customers already know what they want and have done their research online before they even approach your company. If you are a company in the manufacturing or industrial sectors, find out how you can compete in a networked and borderless economy.

  10. Setting Sales and Marketing Goals

    In July and August of this year, VA Partners Co-founder Mark Elliott was teaching a class at the University of Toronto Continuing Education Department on finding and marketing to customers. One of the first exercises he went through with the students was talking about setting sales and marketing goals. He shares highlights from those sessions that can also be particularly useful for B2B startups and business owners.

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