B2B Holiday Marketing Tips

As a small business owner, you do not need to add over the top holiday messaging to make your year end successful, in fact with these B2B holiday marketing tips you can build on your existing marketing plan to bring more attention to your business to close out the year.

For some smaller businesses, they might not think that holiday marketing is a tactic that they can or should take. Holiday marketing doesn’t necessarily mean boxing week sales and deep discounts, you can simply enhance your existing marketing strategies to drive brand awareness and sales by reconnecting with your customers and key B2B decision makers.  Many B2B clients work during the holidays, so why not take advantage of this time and increase your prospects? 

Here are just a few B2B holiday marketing techniques you can take advantage of this holiday season. 

Get Personal 

When it comes to B2B, we know that people buy from people, not from businesses, so why not add some personalization to your platforms? Adding personalization to your website, e-newsletters, and your social platforms can attract potential customers and connect with key B2B decision makers. 

Email Marketing 

For many B2B decision makers, they are looking to the year ahead to evaluate their options and looking for ways to improve their business practices. So why not connect with them at a time that is of high engagement for them? A great way to connect with your decision makers & customers is through email. Consider sending your holiday messaging email 10-15 days prior to the holiday season, and remember to make it personal. 

Greeting your subscribers by name, will make your customers feel welcomed and valued, and with tools like Hubspot, this process can be very easy, all while increasing your engagement. You might also want to consider providing an offer to your subscribers around the holiday? Can you offer a free assessment or meeting to discuss their business needs and improvements that they would like to see in 2023. 

Prepare Your Content 

As we get closer to the holidays, more people including potential customers have more time to consume content, so why not prepare valuable and meaningful content now to get ahead of the holiday season. For some, content creation can feel overwhelming, but if you focus on your marketing collateral, it can take the pressure off. Creating blogs, webinars, whitepapers or a how to guide can help boost engagement over the holidays. Again, you want to show your audience how your business solution can solve a problem for them, just in time for the holidays. 

Web Improvements 

Your website can give you the customer insight you need to boost your business. Google Analytics gives you detailed information about your visitors so that you can identify the pages that have the most engagement. Are there updates or changes that you can make to those pages to better serve their needs? Can you improve your calls to actions to book more meetings or increase your call intake? By taking these actions before the holidays, you can potentially see a boost in your prospects before you lose them. 

Go Mobile

As a business owner you should always have mobile in mind, your properties including your website should be mobile friendly, but this is especially important around the holidays when people are spending more time on their mobile devices than usual. Here are some things you should consider when it comes your B2B holiday marketing tactics 

  • Is your website easy to navigate on mobile? 
  • Does your website look good on a mobile device? Are the photos and copy viewable in one pane? 
  • Is it easy for customers to connect with you from a mobile device? 

A Year In Review 

What have you accomplished this year? How have you helped your customers solve a particular problem? Publishing a blog or sending a year in review email is a great way to communicate to your customers what you have accomplished as a business, but also how your particular solution has helped businesses grow, succeed and solve problems that they have experienced. Using statistics like percentages, and numbers can help drive this message home. For example, “our company has increased page engagements by x % in 2022. 

As B2B decision makers and potential prospects start looking ahead to 2023 and ways in which they can make improvements to their business, you have an opportunity to get in front of them while their engagement is high. If you are looking for more ways to improve your B2B marketing strategy, connect with us.

B2B Holiday Marketing Tips