Updating Your B2B Sales Plan

As we head towards the end of the calendar year it may be time to update your B2B Sales Plan.  You will of course update your revenue and customer numbers, but what about the other parts of your B2B Sales plan.  HubSpot has a B2B Sales Plan template if you need some help formalizing your plan. Here are some of the important areas of your B2B Sales Plan that may need to be updated.

New product or service: Are you planning on launching something new this year?  It should cause a significant cascade of changes through your plan affecting many areas that you will find below.

Targets: Updating you Ideal Customer Profile and Buyer Personas should be at the top of your list.  You might need to add some based on new solutions, tweak based feedback from your sales efforts, or you are examining a new adjacent ICP.

Tactics: Look back on the year, what worked well and what did not work as expected. We had a good session recently with the Communitech Sales Leaders P2P around email deliverability. You email may not be performing as well as in the past.  Maybe try more personalization, not as many bulk emails at once, or even try with more LinkedIn focus.  You cam create a plan to try different strategies and even a few experiments.

Tools:  Are there new tools that your team needs this year?  Is it time to invest in HubSpot sales professional licenses or maybe a new tool like Wiza to help match names to emails and phone numbers to LinkedIn contacts/leads.

People: Don’t forget about the people.  This could mean plans for new hires or different types of roles.  It also means looking at your onboarding, training, and ongoing management.  What has worked and what can be changed?

Add supporting goals: Companies always have revenue goals, but don’t often have supporting goals set.  Look at the supporting goals as it relates to your team members.  This could be discovery meetings booked, demos, proposals, or other important sales activities as it relates to the steps in your sales steps.

If you would like some help with your B2B Sales Plan, connect with me.

Updating Your B2B Sales Plan