How I Stay Organized in Sales

Staying organized in sales is an important thing to consider if you want to be successful in your role. Today, we will be exploring different ways I take to stay organized in sales.

Set your goals and tasks for the day 

At VA partners we have worked with many different organizations, as many as 200 since 2006! Staying organized and achieving goals for our clients is always our top priority. I work with many different clients at the same time, which means they each have set goals or tasks that they expect to see accomplished. Consider this article on staying organized. Most of the time we are using HubSpot CRM system to manage all engagements with customers for our clients, so that means I work with many different HubSpot accounts at any one time. For all customers, the first step I take is organizing the tasks that I am looking to complete for each day for each client. This can include duties such as sending out emails, following up through phone calls or tracking and identifying opportunities and more. The sales cadence we use for our clients begins with an introduction email often tailored after the value proposition of the clients’ product or service. The next step of the cadence includes follow ups with direct phone calls to these prospects to see if they had a chance to review the email that was sent to them. Our sales cadence includes sending the introduction email and waiting 3 business days before the follow up phone call is made. For more information on sales cadence consider this article. Setting a follow up task in Hubspot is the best way to keep track of these individual duties for each prospect you are engaging with. You can schedule specific dates and times to be reminded of each task to be completed.

Stay organized by Logging all activity 

At VA partners we interact with many different prospects every day and most of the time these prospects are involved in very different industries from one another. You may conduct several follow ups to prospects and not get a response from them which happens frequently in sales. As long you are reaching out to prospects in the correct target market eventually you will receive a response from a prospect (if your conduct the correct amount of follow ups). Prospects may inform you that they are not interested, or may not be interested at the current time, any response from a prospect needs to be properly documented within the CRM system. Thankfully, if you have correctly integrated your email into HubSpot all emails will automatically be logged for you. HubSpot will also allow you to log any notes from phone calls you have with your prospects. If I connect with a prospect over the phone, I tend to take notes (either on a word document or note pad) on the conversation while speaking with the prospect, to ensure I capture the full conversation then log these notes into HubSpot.

Prioritize your most important duties 

When conducting outreach and follow ups to prospects the goal is to gauge their level of interest and see if they would be interested in sales meeting to learn more about the product service we are proposing. Any prospect that expresses interest in a sales meeting has normally been qualified from a prospect to a sales opportunity and moved into the sales opportunity pipeline. Follow up tasks and duties to these contacts can be of higher priority than your general follow ups since these contacts are steps closer to making purchasing decisions. To keep track of all opportunities I am working on I like to keep these tasks separate from the general list of tasks, to do this I like to create que tabs for opportunities. To create que and assign tasks to a cue consider this article. There are times when you have communication with a contact and they may request you resend them some information about the product or service you are proposing, They may request a period of time to review the information and have you follow up with them. In this situation they may not meet the criteria to qualify for an opportunity however they are a contact you want to follow up with. For contacts such as this I like to create a separate que for these tasks which I label “special interest”.

Remember, the key to staying organized is finding the tools and tricks that work for you. If you need help you can reach out to me.

How I Stay Organized in Sales