HubSpot versus Salesforce

Why We Made the Switch to HubSpot CRM from Salesforce

We as a team have made the decision to switch to HubSpot CRM from Salesforce. We have been on Salesforce since we started our business in 2006: at that time, Salesforce was the best option for a web-based SaaS CRM. HubSpot had only been strong on the marketing automation side but has since become a great alternative to Salesforce since they launched their sales CRM option a few years ago.
We’ve kept an eye on the HubSpot CRM and its functionality versus Salesforce. Over time the HubSpot CRM got better and we started to recommend it to our clients. It was an excellent fit for many of our clients that had not been using a CRM before, and is priced competitively.
This past summer, we made the decision to switch our own CRM over to HubSpot. Here are a few of the reasons why we decided it was time for us to make the change:


Ease of Use

One of the challenges with Salesforce is the ease of use for the sales person. It is not that intuitive and requires some knowledge to be able to use it right away. With HubSpot, you can hit the ground running. It has very user-friendly features like drag and drop deals in the funnel to move from one stage to the next, and is easier to use overall.

Good for Small Teams

For a small team of 5 or less sales reps, HubSpot is a great fit and a manageable tool. I still believe that Salesforce is a must use for larger teams. In fact, the HubSpot sales team uses Salesforce internally because their solution is not scalable.

Extra Features

HubSpot has some great built in features that we and our clients use. One of the features we use is called Lead-in. It provides some website tracking analytics and automatically puts it in the CRM. HubSpot also has an email template tool that includes email tracking. This is great to help guide the sales person with prioritizing follow-ups around clicks and opens.


Salesforce is a great tool, but the value versus HubSpot is not there. We had used Salesforce Professional at $65 a month per user per month. You need to commit to licenses for the full year, so you can’t really move your users up and down easily. With the basic Hubspot CRM, all of our needs are met and the price is right.
I suggest doing your due diligence before your organization selects your CRM. Every B2B should have a sales CRM. If you need help with your CRM decision and implementation please contact me.

Why We Made the Switch to HubSpot CRM from Salesforce