Top 10 Inbound Lead Generation Blog Posts for 2014

hand-shake-tableWith our years of experience working with various companies, we know that a well-designed inbound lead generation strategy is imperative to succeed in this hyper-competitive economy. It’s not only about closing sales, but understanding the customer’s journey.

Here are our top 10 inbound lead generation blogs for 2014:

1. Four Ways WordPress is the Ultimate Lead Generation Tool

WordPress can be a cost-effective tool to get leads and convert them into sales. The foundation of any inbound lead generation strategy includes integrated networks of content, SEO, and social media. WordPress lets you effectively incorporate all these in a single platform. Here are 4 reasons you should embrace WordPress to help your business find more leads.

2. 8 Free, But Effective Inbound Marketing Tools

Inbound marketing is a pull strategy to get potential customers to notice your product or service. Offering relevant content is one of the most effective ways to warm them up to your business and eventually make a purchase. Here are 8 free tried and tested tools.

3. How to Create A Digital Marketing Calendar for Your Small Business

Setting up a digital marketing calendar helps you organize your editorial content and implement your content strategy. It gives you a quick assessment if your content is right for your target audience and if you are writing about a good variety of topics. It also ensures that content is published consistently. Here is a list of what we include in our own calendar.

4. Does Your Business Need Sales or Marketing Help?

As your business grows, you’ll want to generate more B2B sales. Outsourcing is a viable option for small companies that may not have the budget for an in-house marketing and sales team. But before sealing the deal with a service provider, check out our useful guide.

5. SEO For Startups: 5 More Free Tools To Get You Started

SEO is not rocket science. However, ranking well in search engine sites may prove to be quite challenging in the beginning. You may have awesome content and blog posts, but if they are not reaching your target audience, it will be useless. We list 5 free tools that help with SEO for startups.

6. Tips For an Effective B2B Content Marketing Plan

For the past year and a half, VA Partners co-founder Mark Elliott has been working with Innovation Factory. He has had a great experience engaging with the Sales Peer-to-Peer group and meeting with growing firms. During one of VA Partner’s speaking engagements, our company spoke about the effective use of content marketing to drive leads. Here are the top take-aways from the event.

7. Inbound Lead Generation is an Excellent Fit For Professional Services

In this feature, VA Partners co-founder Mark Elliott writes about his experience consulting with many small growing firms in various industries. He met most of our clients through events and our associations with Communitech, MaRS, Innovation Factory, as well as from referrals and inbound lead generation efforts. He shares his insights on why inbound lead generation and professional services make an excellent fit.

8. B2B Case Studies: Success With Inbound Lead Generation

Our own experience is a goldmine of information on how inbound lead generation strategies are successfully implemented. We share with you best practices that you can integrate in your own business. Here are examples from our work with clients to drive web traffic, leads, meetings, and revenue.

9. 5 Ways to Promote Your B2B White Paper

A white paper is an authoritative guide that helps you become a trusted resource for potential clients. It is important for your audience to be able to share the content through as many of your company’s touch points as possible. Follow the 5 steps to ensure that your white paper reaches your target market.

10. 6 Ways to Get Inbound Leads From Your Company Website

Did you know that the design of your website greatly contributes to your ability to get more inbound leads? We have found that WordPress provides an excellent content management system (CMS) to assist with inbound lead generation. Keep these helpful tips in mind when setting-up your site.

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