CRM Onboarding for Your New Sales Rep

Now that you have a new sale rep, you need to provide them with CRM onboarding. Your B2B CRM should be at the centre of your sales efforts. There are many CRMs to pick from for small and medium-sized business. They can range from free to a few dollars a month, so there is no excuse for not having a B2B CRM. We often recommend Hubspot CRM and have moved to it for our own internal use. CRM onboarding is very important to allow your new sales person to having a great start. Here are a few tips that will lead to a successful CRM onboarding.

Set expectations:

It is really important to set expectations around the CRM from the very start. I would also recommend talking about it as part of the interview process. A modern sales team uses the CRM live in the daily tasks. The expectations around use should also apply to managers and leaders. They should be using it regularly, not just for reviews but also as it relates to their activities.

Get it set-up:

When your sales reps start, the CRM should be set-up. This means not only that they have access, but that it is also configured for them to be linked to other tools like email.


This is not only about training on how to use the CRM, but on how your team uses that specific CRM. This is also a great way to reinforce your CRM expectations. Training for CRM onboarding should include not just instructions but active learning as well. Let them work in the system and provide feedback.

Inspect what you expect

It is very important, especially with a new salesperson, to inspect what you expect as a sales leader. This means looking into the system to see what they are doing. There are dashboards, reports, and digging into the system that can help you inspect what you expect.
If you need some help planning with your CRM and CRM onboarding please contact me.