Twitter for B2B Sales

Twitter for B2B Sales

I have been using Twitter for B2B sales for over 9 years. Twitter as a mechanism for sales isn’t what it used to be with all the automation and bots, but it still has value. In many industries and roles, people are still very active on Twitter: find your prospects and clients on Twitter and start engaging with them! Make sure you follow these simple rules to get the best out your interactions on Twitter for B2B sales in this new social media climate.



In and amongst the bots and automation there are still humans out there. Follow your customers and prospects; they will likely follow you back as well. I would also suggest checking the people that follow you on a regular basis. There are likely some that are in your ecosystem and could be customers, partners, or provide excellent content.

Posting and Sharing

Part of social is sharing information. Some organizations and individuals share only their own content. Yes, sharing your own content can support being a subject matter expert and stay top of mind, but you are missing an opportunity. Sharing others’ content can also support these goals as well. The added advantage is if you share people and organizations’ content they may also share yours as well as it can strengthen a relationship.

Messaging and Replying

Twitter Messaging
The above image is an actual interaction starting with a message reply. Jamie and I follow each other on Twitter and we were able to turn this message into a successful 6 month engagement that helped Sales For Life increase leads by 300%. There are also a few contacts that I have that are not good with email or the phone: you send them a direct message and they get back to you in minutes. There is a lot of value to selective and targeted messaging and replying.


The great thing about Twitter is that it is all out in the open, except where a few people have private accounts. Twitter can be a great research tool for contacts and companies. I suggest using Twitter Lists to keep track of groups like prospects, industry leaders, customers, and employees. Twitter also let’s you do open searches on terms or hashtags, which is useful when you’re looking to expand your network.


Twitter is excellent for events. Most events will have a hashtag that you can use. If you are at an event you can post, share, and even connect with other like minded people. If you aren’t at the event you can follow from afar.

Being Social

The part of social media that you can’t forget is the social part. I feel like Twitter is a good mix between personal and business, not quite as business-minded as LinkedIn and not quite as personal as Facebook. I probably post about 80% on business and 20% on personal. Most of the personal relating to my beloved TFC. It becomes part of your identity and I have strengthened business relationships due to mutual interests in soccer.
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Twitter for B2B Sales